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Fauth Finishing

Fauth Finishing metal plating and finishing Rochester, NY

Professional metal finishing specialists offering a variety of finishes for the most demanding industrial applications

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Fauth Finishing is a metal finishing company located in Rochester, NY. With over 30 years experience in the plating industry, we are fully capable to handle all your metal finishing needs. Our conveniently located facility serves hundreds of companies all over the United States. We currently run Black Oxide, Passivate, and Ebonol C. We offer all military specifications for the processes we run.

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We believe word-of-mouth is the most effective kind of advertising, and we realize that good referrals come only with customer satisfaction. For this reason our entire team works hard to exceed all customer expectations and provide unparalleled service with an extraordinary 24 hour turnaround time. Our customers depend on the quality of our finishes in the quickest time frame possible. WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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We pride ourselves in offering our customers the lowest pricing available for the services we offer. We are driven to be second to none. Contact us today for a quote!!

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